I built you a bridge; now you should get over it.

An amusing picture page. Really. See?

Things fished from the backwaters of my mind which you might find tasty with lemon sauce. Thoughts, old photos and magazines, random images, and anything I find funny, blended with reblogs. My mental debris.

Fair warning: You will occasionally see naked people or sexual content, but for humor's sake not tittilation. Don't expect followbacks, and even if I like you -- if you flood dashes I'll bookmark you rather than follow.

These emanations may be random and seemingly
meaningless, yet they're closer to the hidden
truths of our world than you realize.

● Seeking >some music< you've forgotten about?
● Or some >vintage technology< maybe?
● Or to laugh at some >Yahoo Answers<?

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  1. Advertised:  &#8220;AM/PM no longer has the 45¢ debit fee!&#8221;Truth:  &#8220;We&#8217;re still charging a fee, but it&#8217;s not 45¢ anymore&#8230; fooled you!&#8221;

    Advertised: “AM/PM no longer has the 45¢ debit fee!”
    Truth: “We’re still charging a fee, but it’s not 45¢ anymore… fooled you!”

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